Our Trains

​Our Trains

Our Queensland Rail Travel network plays an important role in connecting regional Queensland and offers the largest and most comprehensive network of long distance and tourist trains in Australia. Queensland Rail's services extend along the Queensland coastline from Brisbane to Cairns and West to Charleville, Longreach and Mount Isa.

Step on board and travel in comfort to a range of destinations. The Spirit of Queensland will introduce you to a new generation of train travel from bustling Brisbane to tropical Cairns. Venturing from Brisbane to Longreach, the Spirit of the Outback will allow you to reminisce about the golden era of rail travel.

Each journey will have you discovering the amazing diversity and colours of Queensland from the rainforest to the reef, the city to the outback. Whether you’re a first time train traveller or an experienced train enthusiast, a Queensland Rail journey is the perfect way to create unforgettable memories.