Online Booking Help

Online Booking Help

Welcome to the Queensland Rail Travel Online Booking System.​

This guide is designed to assist customers with using our online booking system.

If you need assistance with your booking, please complete our Booking Enquiry / Request Form, call one of our Queensland Rail Reservation Team members or visit one of our Travel Centres for more information.

  Phone 1800 872 467 from 7.00am to 7.00pm (AEDT), 7 days a week (excluding Christmas Day).

 The following services are available to be booked online:

  • Spirit of Queensland (Brisbane to Cairns)
  • Rockhampton Tilt Train (Brisbane to Rockhampton)
  • Bundaberg Tilt Train (Brisbane to Bundaberg)
  • Spirit of the Outback (Brisbane to Longreach)
  • Westlander (Brisbane to Charleville)
  • Inlander (Townsville to Mount Isa)
Note: Our new booking system is currently accepting a range of concession types. The list can be viewed by selecting Book Now; then from the Rail Search screen, click on the concession drop down list and scroll down to view the full list currently available. All other concession card holders can call our Customer Contact Centre on 1800 872 467, or submit a Booking Enquiry form and we will get back to you.

Online bookings close 1 hour prior to departure. If the service you are trying to book is closed, please phone our Queensland Rail Travel Customer Contact Team for booking enquiries on 1800 872 467 from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week. 

Before making an online booking, have the following available:

  • Your Email Address to send the confirmation email and rail tickets.
  • Your Credit Card details (we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express).
  • Your Concession identification. Note: When booking online for the first time using your concession identification some concessions will require registration. Contact the Queensland Rail Travel Customer Contact Team on 1800 872 467 to register. Once the concession is registered to your name, you can make your own bookings online. For eligibility, please check Eligible for Concessions.

Existing Account Holder

  1. From the Queensland Rail Travel header bar click Login.
  2. Enter your Email Address and Password.
  3. Click LOGIN.

Create a New Account

  1. From the Queensland Rail Travel header bar click Create Account.
  2. Select your Title from the dropdown list.
  3. Enter your First and Last name.
  4. Enter your Email address.
  5. Click Create Account. A Thank you message is displayed, along with instructions to check your email account. 
  6. Click the link in the email to activate your account and generate a new Password.
  7. Return to the Queensland Rail LOGIN screen.
  8. Enter your Email Address and the Password generated above.
  9. Click LOGIN.

Please note: If you are entitled to any of the concessions (see list below), please contact us on 1800 872 467 to set up your concession record. This will enable you to book concessional fares online. 

The following is a list of the only concessions currently available for online booking and all require validation before booking online:

Validated Concessions List:

  • Queensland Pensioner Entitlements
  • Queensland Pensioner Dependent Child
  • Queensland Pensioner Half Fare
  • Senior Queensland State Government
  • Senior Australia State Government


Search for services and fares

  1. Select the Return option if return travel is required.
  2. Select your leaving From and going To Stations.
  3. Select your Departure Date.
  4. Select the Return Date, if required.
  5. Enter the number of Adults and Children travelling.
  6. Select the Children’s Ages from the dropdown arrow if applicable and click Done.
  7. Select any Concessions/Travel Passes you are eligible for, against each Adult/Child if applicable. For example: Qld Pensioner - Entitlements, Senior - QLD State Government, Queensland Pensioner Dependent Child and click DoneNote: Some concessions must be registered to your passenger profile before booking online. Refer to the list shown on the Log in or Create Account Tab on this page for the full list that need registration with us first. If required, contact the Queensland Rail Travel Customer Contact Team on 1800 872 467 to register your concession prior to booking online. 
  8. Click Search to view the Outbound service details.

Select services

  1. Select the <PREV or NEXT> buttons to view other Service Dates and Times.
  2. Click Select to view the Price Type and Pricing and select the Price Type or alternatively, scroll up to search box and re-enter the search criteria to view other services.
  3. Select the Class of Travel. Further information on the classes of travel on each train can be found by clicking the Travel Options link. Note: Accessibility seating is only available on some services. Assistance animal spaces are available on all services. Information on accessibility on our services can be found by clicking the Accessibility Information link.
  4. Select Cargo options if required. Note: Accessible seating and some cargo options will require some Passenger General Information (PGI’s) questions to be answered at checkout.
  5. Click Next. Note: View Price/Fare Type Information, by clicking the information (i) icon next to the service selected.
  6. Seats will be automatically allocated based on availability and displayed in blue, click Done.
  7. Follow the same steps for the Return journey if required.
  8. Select ADD TO CART to return to the rail search or CHECKOUT to finalise the booking.

Guest and Account Holders

If you have already logged in the Adult 1 details will be entered automatically or for existing customers with an account click Returning customer? Sign in here and enter your username and password. Alternatively, you can create a new account by selecting Create Account/Login at the top of the screen.


  1. Complete the Lead Passenger details (Adult 1), as required. Note: Mobile number should also include the country code i.e. For Australian mobiles – start with 61, leave out the 0 at the front then enter the remaining numbers of the mobile e.g. 61400440044.
  2. Click the + to enter the Emergency Contact Details (this contact should not be travelling with you).
  3. Advise the Onboard team of any assistance or requirements you may need for all the legs of the journey, from the Booking Special Request section if required e.g. Assistance required e.g. ramp placements, accessibility or allergy information etc.
  4. If applicable, Select any Service Special Requests for the journey. e.g. Confirming your mobility device meets our allowable dimensions for that service.
  5. Repeat the above step for each of the additional passenger where applicable. Note: For any other special requests or further information, complete our Booking Enquiry / Request Form.
  6. Click View Details to review the booking information selected for the travel. Note: Service search details can be changed by clicking the Change Service link.
  7. Confirm the acceptance of Queensland Rails Terms and Conditions after reading them and click CONFIRM BOOKING.
  8. Enter your Credit Card Details. Queensland Rail accepts the following credit cards - Visa, Mastercard, American Express and JCB
  9. Click Next and follow the prompts. Note: Price and Seat Selection are only held for 10 minutes.

Receive confirmation and print/download your tickets

  1. Click Pay to process the payment. Once the payment has been successful you can view your Rail Ticket by clicking DOWNLOAD TICKETS.
  2. Please don’t close your session while the message "Issuing tickets. Please wait and do not close the screen” is displayed or you won’t receive tickets.
  3. Also note, the Booking Confirmation as well as the Rail Ticket(s) will be sent separately to your nominated e-mail address.
  4. These documents include links to Day of Travel Important Information and Bookings Conditions. This information can also be viewed by visiting our Policy Centre. To ensure delivery, add to your contacts or address book. If you don't receive the email in your inbox, please check your Spam or Junk Mail folders.
  5. Print the Rail Ticket that has been emailed to you and carry it throughout your journey. Alternatively, download your ticket to your mobile device and show it upon request to the Onboard team. 
  6. Please remember that concession cards used to purchase discounted tickets must be carried whilst travelling for presentation to the Onboard team and Authorised Officers on request.

What internet browser can I use to book online?

Most internet browsers on your computer, tablet and mobile are compatible with the online booking service, however older internet browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer) may not be suitable. 

Do I have to create an account to make a booking?

If you are booking online without a concession, you do not need to create an account. However, if you have a concession and are wishing to access concession fares online, you will need to create an account and register your Concession Identification with Queensland Rail Travel. Contact the Queensland Rail Travel Customer Contact Team on 1800 872 467 to register. Once the concession is registered to your name, you can make your own bookings online. For eligibility, please check Eligible for Concessions

How do I book multiple stops on my journey?

Only one way or return journeys can be booked online currently. For journeys with multiple stops, please contact us for bookings.

What if a passenger in my group is using a concession and the other passengers are not?

To enable all passengers to receive the best price fare type, contact the Queensland Rail Travel Customer Contact team to accommodate the different concession and fare types either by email or phone or 1800 872 467.

Why can't I book a backpacker fare online?

This concession fares is not setup for use in our new booking system currently but will be added as an option in the future. To book a backpacker fare please contact us for bookings.

How do I enter my concession card details to a booking?

When booking with a concession online for the first time, Queensland Rail Travel requires some concessions to be registered before an online booking can be made. Contact the Queensland Rail Travel Customer Contact Team on 1800 872 467 to register. Once the concession is registered to your name, you can make your own bookings online. For eligibility, please check Eligible for Concessions

What luggage can I book online?

For standard luggage allowances, you do not need to add anything to your booking online. Excess luggage items cannot be added to bookings in advance of travel. For full details of our Luggage policy including excess luggage, please go to Luggage.

We allow online bookings of cargo items such as such as bicycles, surfboards/snowboards/water skis into luggage carriages for a fee but only on some of our services that have the space. Note: Cargo is not available on Rockhampton Tilt Trains. For details on our policy of accepting these items please visit Sporting Equipment.  

Please note: If booking more than one piece of cargo, the cargo appears ‘Sold Out’ on the online booking system, so if you require to book more than one item of cargo such as bicycles, surfboards/snowboards/water skis, please contact our Queensland Rail Travel Customer Contact team on 1800 872 467.

What if my group of passengers want to travel in different travel options?

Separate bookings are required for the different types of travel options.

What if I have a large group of passengers travelling together?

Please contact our Queensland Rail Travel Reservations Team to book large groups of passengers (15 passengers or over). This will ensure appropriate allocation of seating on the train for your group. Refer to Queensland Rail Group bookings for further information and the Queensland Rail Travel contact details.

Can I book an accessible seat/space and a carer seat through the online booking website?

Yes. You will be provided with specific accessibility information if you select an accessible seat. All accessible seats come with a carer’s seat also. If you do not need the carer’s seat, please indicate this as you make your booking using the Passenger General Information fields. If you are travelling with a mobility device, you will also be provided with the allowable dimensions for devices depending on the service you have selected. You will be asked to acknowledge that your device fits within those dimensions. If you make an accessible booking online, but are unsure of any of the requirements, you can request a call back from one of our consultants. We recommend you view our accessibility information by going to Accessibility.

What if I require assistance to join or leave the train including setting up a ramp, guidance to the carriage entrance or my seat etc?

Through the online booking process, before you checkout, there is a Booking Special Request section, once expanded you can provide details regarding any assistance you require joining the service, during the journey and/or leaving the service at your destination. Alternatively contact a member of the Queensland Rail Travel Customer Contact team and they can assist you through the online booking process.

Where do I find what facilities are available on the different trains?

General and accessible facilities on our services can be found by visiting Carriage Layout and Tour our trains.

Can I download and show my ticket on my mobile phone at the station and on the service?

Yes, there is an option to download the ticket to your mobile from the confirmation email sent to your nominated email address.

What do I do if I have not received my confirmation email and/or ticket(s)?

If you have an account with Queensland Rail Travel, log into your account and view/download any documentation and/or tickets. If you have purchased your tickets as a guest and you did not receive an email with the booking confirmation and tickets from Queensland Rail Travel, email or phone the Queensland Rail Travel Customer Contact team on or 1800 872 467.

What happens if my departure time is changed, or my service has been cancelled?

For all disruptions to train services, you will be contacted via SMS to advise of the changes and if any additional information is required.

Please ensure your contact details provided including mobile phone number and email address have been entered correctly. 

Please note: Mobile number should also include the country code i.e. For Australian mobiles – start with 61, leave out the 0 at the front then enter the remaining numbers of the mobile e.g. 61401440042.

How do I change or cancel my booking?

Contact our Queensland Rail Travel Customer Contact Team on or 1800 872 467, who can assist you with any changes required. Amendments or cancellations cannot be done through the Queensland Rail Travel online booking system at this stage.

How can I update my email address or mobile phone number?

You can update your mobile phone number for any correspondence in relation to bookings or tickets.

However, to update your email address you will need to contact the Queensland Rail Travel Customer Contact team on 1800 872 467.

How do I cancel my booking on day of travel?

Contact our Queensland Rail Travel Customer Contact team on 1800 872 467, who can assist you with cancelling your service on the day of travel, cancellation fees may apply. Cancellations cannot be done through the Queensland Rail Travel online booking system at this stage.

If cancelling on the day of travel outside of our business hours please email to

Changing your travel plans

Amendments and cancellation of bookings cannot be processed online. Please contact us on 1800 872 467 to make any changes to the booking, or to cancel a booking on the day of travel. For information about the fees, terms and conditions that apply if you change or cancel your travel plans, visit Fare Types.

Your personal information

We work to protect the security of your personal and credit card information collected during online booking. For more information about our how we manage your personal information, please go to Queensland Rail’s Privacy statement.

For assistance by phone

If you need further assistance, please call us on 1800 872 467 during our business hours of 7am to 7pm (AEST), 7 days a week.

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