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Want to know about the status of your train service?​​​

​Scroll to the calendar at the bottom of the page and select the train service you are (or intend to be) travelling on. 

If your service is impacted, we'll do our best to contact you. If your rail service is significantly delayed or impacted, alternate arrangements may take time to organise and communicate. Our team will do their best to contact you. More information is also available on the Disruption Status page.​

​​​​Alternative travel options

If a train cannot run, we aim to offer coach transport. In the event that coaches cannot be sourced or cannot travel safely (road closures or flooding), we may not be able to get you to your destination. Sourcing coaches during school holidays, or when they are engaged to support other requirements, may impact our ability to offer you any alternative transport.​ We try our best but can't always guarantee services will run to schedule. Sometimes trains will be disrupted or cancelled, and you will not be able to start or continue your journey. For your protection and peace of mind, we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance for your journey. We are not responsible for any costs (such as flights, car hire, taxis/ride share or accommodation) you may incur if your service is disrupted or cancelled. ​

for travel disruptions ​

Refunds may be available if there are unexpected disruptions to your travel. Please view the Disruptions page for detail. We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance for your journey.


To check our regular train times, visit the Timetables page. If you are travelling from 2 September 2024, a new timetable will commence. 

Bookings are now open for all long-distance services, for travel until 31 March 2025Book Online now.

Can we help?​

For links to important travel information, including online booking help and how to contact our reservations team, please go to the Contact us page.​

Queensland Rails

Service not scheduled



Status: {{selectedLine.NonScheduledInfo.qrt_Status}}

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Queensland Rails

No Service Selected

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No Service

There is currently no services available for your selection

Status: {{displayedTrainMovements.ServiceDisruption.Status}}
  • {{displayedTrainMovements.ServiceDisruption.SummaryText}}

  • Coach replacement is available

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This train service was last updated on: {{displayedTrainMovements.Modified | date:'d MMMM yyyy h:mma' }}

Station est. arrival ​est. departure

{{movement.PlannedArrival | date:'d MMMM yyyy EEEE'}}



est. arrival

was  {{ isValidDate(movement.PlannedArrival)?(movement.PlannedArrival | date:"h:mma"):'-' }}

now {{movement.ActualArrival | date:"h:mma"}}

est. departure

was  {{ isValidDate(movement.PlannedDeparture)?(movement.PlannedDeparture | date:"h:mma"):'-' }}  ({{ movement.PlannedDeparture | date:"dd/MMM/yyyy" }})

now  {{movement.ActualDeparture | date:"h:mma"}}  ({{ movement.ActualDeparture | date:"dd/MMM/yyyy" }})

^ Denotes a station where the train will only be stopped at if reservations have been pre-booked.

Queensland Rails

Service Impacted



Status: {{displayedTrainMovements.ServiceDisruption.Status}}

Coach replacement is available

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  • Date & Time
  • Affected service(s)
  • Status
  • {{disruption.startTime}} to {{disruption.endTime}}
  • {{disruption.Line.Title}}

    {{disruption.Line.Origin}} to {{disruption.Line.Destination}} ({{disruption.Line.Direction}})

  • {{disruption.Status}}

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There are currently no major disruptions