Service Updates

Service Updates​

We are currently experiencing a high call volume. We encourage you to book online

Our new booking system is now open for you to book your train with us.

Online bookings can be made for travel up to 31 March 2022. Bookings are currently not open for travel after 31 March 2022. Our new booking system is currently accepting concession bookings for Queensland Pension Concession Card holders and Queensland State Government Seniors only. All other concession card holders can call our Customer Contact Centre on 1800 872 467, or submit a Booking Enquiry form and we will get back to you. For more information visit our Online Booking Help page.

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Arrival and departure times provided are not guaranteed and subject to change without notice. Services may make up lost time while in transit or experience further delays. Please continue to check your service below.

We recommend you arrive at the station in advance of the scheduled time. To receive information on today's services by phone call 1800 803 009.

Vaccination requirements from 17 December 2021.

New vaccination requirements for hospitality venues and workers will apply to Queensland Rail Travel Services for all travel from 17 December. Conditions of carriage are changed for those travelling due to government health directives. For more information please check the Travel Safe page.

Queensland Rails

Service not scheduled



Status: {{selectedLine.NonScheduledInfo.qrt_Status}}

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Queensland Rails

No Service Selected

Select your service above or enter your departing & arriving station to show all available services.

No Service

There are currently no services available for your selection

Status: {{displayedTrainMovements.ServiceDisruption.Status}}
  • {{displayedTrainMovements.ServiceDisruption.SummaryText}}

  • Coach replacement is available

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This train service was last updated on: {{displayedTrainMovements.Modified | date:'d MMMM yyyy h:mma' }}

est. arrival
est. departure
  • {{movement.PlannedArrival | date:'d MMMM yyyy EEEE'}}



    est. arrival

    {{isValidDate(movement.PlannedArrival)?(movement.PlannedArrival | date:"h:mma"):'-'}}

    {{movement.ActualArrival | date:"h:mma"}}

    est. departure

    {{isValidDate(movement.PlannedDeparture)?(movement.PlannedDeparture | date:"h:mma"):'-'}}  ({{movement.PlannedDeparture | date:"dd/MMM/yyyy"}})

    {{movement.ActualDeparture | date:"h:mma"}}  ({{movement.ActualDeparture | date:"dd/MMM/yyyy"}})

^ Denotes a station where the train will only be stopped at if reservations have been pre-booked.

Queensland Rails

Service Impacted



Status: {{displayedTrainMovements.ServiceDisruption.Status}}

Coach replacement is available

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  • Date & Time
  • Affected service(s)
  • Status
  • {{disruption.startTime}} to {{disruption.endTime}}
  • {{disruption.Line.Title}}

    {{disruption.Line.Origin}} to {{disruption.Line.Destination}} ({{disruption.Line.Direction}})

  • {{disruption.Status}}

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There are currently no major disruptions