The following policy applies to Queensland Rail Travel rail services only.

Disruptions to services may result from operational and maintenance requirements, and can be either planned or unplanned.

During Queensland's wet season months, usually October to March, Queensland Rail Travel services can experience delays and disruptions. However, you should be aware that disruptions are not limited to the wet season months, and may occur at any time of the year.

All disruptions will be advised to customers as soon as practical and details can be viewed on the Service Updates page. We strongly recommend travel insurance at the time of booking. Ask our reservation consultants or your travel agent for more details.

Customers who have purchased holiday packages with Queensland Rail Travel are advised accommodation, touring and air providers may charge additional fees which can be up to 100% of monies paid.

Customers will be advised by the onboard staff of the alternate transport that Queensland Rail Travel will provide to get them to their destination i.e. primarily coach transport.

Customers have the following choices:

  1. Take up on the provided transport - no refund applies.
  2. Not accept the alternate transport provided by Queensland Rail Travel and arrange their own alternate transport.

If a customer pays for their own alternate arrangements, Queensland Rail Travel is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred.

Details of disruptions of Queensland Rail Travel services to support travel insurance claims can be provided on request by contacting Queensland Rail Travel with details of your booking number, travel dates, customer names and your contact phone number or email address.

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