Unpredictable Weather Awareness


The weather can change, so can your plans.

Queensland is a beautiful and diverse state, but also home to unpredictable weather. Just like extreme weather conditions can impact your house and other infrastructure, it can impact the rail network too. 

From scorching temperatures with the potential to cause rail track to expand, to bushfires, lightning strikes, debris, or trees falling onto tracks and flood waters that prevent trains from safely continuing, severe weather impacts can often be unpredictable.

Rest assured; Queensland Rail Travel teams are on hand during this extreme weather. We do our best to get customers to their destination when safe, and return services to normal as quickly as possible. Our teams continuously monitor weather and the condition of the rail network to ensure we identify any issues, keep your train safe, and minimise impacts wherever possible.​

For your protection and peace of mind, we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance for your journey. We are not liable for any additional costs (such as flights or accommodation) you may incur if your service is disrupted or cancelled. 

If you're thinking about travelling on our rail services, or have already booked, follow our steps to prep!


​​If you follow our steps to prep, you'll be ready for travel and know how to stay informed if significant delays or disruptions do occur.  While we do our best to communicate with customers, we ask that you stay in the know by checking our Service Updates page.

If you're checking the arrival time of a service is delayed or impacted, please call our 24-hour arrivals information service on 1800 803 009. This information is updated every hour.

If a service is disrupted by weather or other circumstances, Queensland Rail Travel will provide alternate transport where possible. In accordance with our disruptions policy, we will make every effort to provide transportation to your booked destination if it is safe to do so.

Where roads may also be closed due to severe weather, it simply may not be possible to get you to your destination. We know the inconvenience this can cause and apologise, but please know our entire team – from operations to customer contact and onboard services will be working around the clock to get services back up and running.