Tour Our Trains

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tour our trains

Take a virtual tour of our trains. Our virtual tours provide a unique opportunity to see what our trains offer, from the comfort of your own home, or on your device while you travel. They are a great visual source of information on our service offerings. They can help you to prepare for your journey so that when the time comes to travel, you're ready to go. You'll find tips for navigating the virtual tours further down this page. 

Please note that we have presented our trains as accurately as possible, however changes to our trains are sometimes required for operational purposes. 

Our carriage layout maps may also be helpful when planning for your journey.

Virtual tours are not an accessible format for everyone, so we have also developed descriptive texts to share information about the facilities and features of the trains. You will find a link to them on each train page below. We are working to deliver information in a variety of alternative formats to meet more people’s needs, including those who are blind or have low vision. If you would like to provide feedback on these text descriptions please email us at​.​

Tips for your Virtual Tour

  1. The tours can be viewed in modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported. The tours can also be accessed on mobiles and tablets, where the touchscreen offers extra functionality while exploring the tours.

  2. You can use your keyboard, mouse or touchscreen to move through the tour.

  3. There is a ‘help’ section that can be accessed at the bottom right corner of the tours. This section provides more information about how to navigate the tours.

  4. Click on the coloured circles throughout the trains (‘Mattertags’), or tap your screen if you are on a mobile device or have a touchscreen, to find out more about the train’s features. 

  5. You can view the train tours in ‘dollhouse’ view by clicking on the 3D drawing icon at the bottom left corner of the tour. Alternatively, you can view the tour in 'floorplan' view by clicking on the flat drawing icon at the bottom left corner of the tour. The floorplan and dollhouse views can help you to move around the train to a specific location of interest. 

  6. Use the ‘measure’ tool by clicking on the tape measure icon at the bottom left corner of the tour. This tool should only be used as an estimate. You can press the cross icon at the top right of the tour to exit from the measure tool. We have provided useful dimensions and measurements in the tours to assist people who require information about the spaces and onboard facilities to plan their travel.

  7. You can view the tour in 'autoplay' mode by selecting the play symbol on the bottom left corner of the tour. This will take you through the tour automatically, without needing to click through and will show you highlights of the train in the pictures below. Please note that some people with sensory issues may have difficulty viewing the tours in this mode due to the speed of the camera turns.

  8. You can close the highlights reel by clicking on the 'down arrow' at the bottom left corner. 

  9. Access Fullscreen view by clicking on the frame icon. When viewing images in a Mattertag, it may be easier to view and move around them in Fullscreen view. In still images, make them bigger by clicking on the image when your mouse changes to a magnifying glass.

  10. As you are moving through the tours, some areas of the tours may appear slightly out of alignment, this is due to the combination of reflective surfaces and narrow spaces. The alignment corrects as you continue through the train.

  11. You'll find more tips for each train on the dedicated virtual tour pages, above.