Spirit of the Outback Virtual Tour

Spirit of the Outback Virtual Tour

Our Spirit of the Outback virtual tour shows you through the Sleeper and Economy carriages, as well as the Dining and Lounge carriages on this train that travels between Brisbane and Longreach. Check out the tour below to find out more about the onboard experience when you travel to Queensland’s outback. 

Please use this text description of the Spirit of the Outback if you would prefer to read about the train rather than take a virtual tour.

​Virtual Tour Tips – Spirit of the Outback

  • The Spirit of the Outback virtual tour shows eight carriages that are used by customers on this train. Note that the train is longer than eight carriages, with power, luggage and staff carriages all part of the consist.
  • The virtual tour shows four Sleeper carriages, one Dining carriage, one Lounge carriage and two Economy seating carriages.
  • The tour starts at Carriage A (Sleeper) and goes all the way through the Tuckerbox Resturant and customer Lounge, to the Economy seating carriages, F and G.  
  • Images of the Roma Street Station platform in Brisbane and the external entry points of the train carriages are shown to help you see the facilities available and plan your journey.
  • The virtual tour shows the features of the Single and Twin Sleepers. Take a look in Carriage D at Single Sleeper 14, which is made up for sleeping overnight, and the Twin Sleeper in 12 and 13. When you book a Twin Sleeper the only thing left to decide is whether you and your companion will go head-to-head or toe-to-toe? 

For more information about how to use the virtual tours, please visit the Tour our trains page. 

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