Before Your Journey

When you book a Queensland Rail Travel Train ticket it comes with a specified luggage allowance depending on the type of ticket you bought. See below for luggage allowances. This policy governs how we will carry your luggage.

We can only accept certain types of luggage so; you should confirm that we can carry your luggage prior to booking your ticket. Sporting and musical equipment luggage requirements are explained in more detail on the Sporting Equipment and Musical Instruments page.

You should tag all luggage items to clearly identify the owner, including their name and phone contact number.

Ensure that each piece of your luggage is no more than 20kgs.  

We have rules about what type of luggage we can carry

Keep your bags under 20kgs each and make sure they are tagged with your details

Checking In

If your boarding station is attended, ticket offices and luggage check in facilities open one (1) hour prior to the train's scheduled departure time and close thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. At unattended stations onboard staff will assist with checking luggage upon the train's arrival.

Luggage trolleys are only available at Brisbane (Roma St), Cairns, Rockhampton, Bundaberg and Townsville.  In Brisbane and Cairns, they are coin operated so, if you need to use them make sure you have a coin. Luggage lockers are not available at any of our stations.

A self-service luggage scale is available for customer use at the ticket office end of Platform 10 at Brisbane Roma Street Station.

We will only accept checked in luggage from customers who have a ticket for the relevant journey. 

We recommend that you check in luggage up to your allowance limits rather than carry on all your luggage.

Be early for luggage check in 

We have luggage trolleys at some stations

We won’t accept unaccompanied bags

Luggage Allowance

You may check in items that are no more than 20kgs in weight and less than 180 linear centimetres (sum of length, width and depth of item). Your check in allowance depends on the type of ticket you bought:

​Train Accommodation Type
​Economy Seats

one (1) item per customer
​Single and Twin Sleepers
Business Seats

two (2) items per customer

In addition to your checked in luggage, you may carry on 1 bag that is no more than 20kgs in weight and 23cm x 34cm x 48cm. ( to fit under the seat or in the overhead luggage racks)

luggage size limit: 48 cm length, 34 cm width and 23 cm depth

Check in luggage

Luggage weight limit 20KG per item

Carry-on luggage

We suggest you check in your larger items up to your luggage allowance limits

Excess Luggage

If we have space on the train, we can accept luggage in excess of your luggage allowance if the bags meet the usual specifications and you pay us $15 per item.

Excess luggage will cost you more and only be carried if we have enough space

Damaged Luggage Claims

To the extent allowed by law, we take no responsibility for damage to your carry-on luggage.

For checked in luggage where you can satisfy the information requirements set out in our Claim form our liability is limited to $200 per piece of luggage damaged.

You must look after your carry-on luggage

Our liability is limited for damage or loss of your checked in luggage

Lost Property

If you lose something on our train, then contact our Lost Property area through our website , by phone on 13 16 17 during business hours, or in person by coming to Central Station Brisbane, Plaza Level, Rail Centre 2, 309 Edward Street.
We have a great lost property team if you lose something on our train