Types of Luggage

Types of Luggage

Acceptable items:

Acceptable luggage items are subject to luggage allowances and maximum weight conditions being met. Special conditions may apply to allow acceptance of some items. They include but are not limited to the following: 

​Suitcase or other type of travel bag*

​No items allowed on the outside of a backpack such as shoes/boots.

​Candy striped, light weight material bags*
​Fifteen (15) kg maximum weight. Must be in good condition, firmly secured and only containing clothing and soft items.

​Child restraint car seats and baby safety capsules
​Ensure belts and straps are secured with no loose ends. Stored in the checked luggage area. 

​Collapsible baby carriages - prams and strollers
​Stored in the checked luggage area.

​Collapsible cots

​Must be in a box or a carry bag and will be stored in the checked luggage area.
​Wheelchairs and mobility devices #

Subject to size and weight of devices. Refer to accessibility information page on our website.

​Medicinal oxygen cylinders

Medically prescribed, five (5) kg maximum weight when full. Clearly labelled to Australian Standards identifying the contained gas. Accepted as carry-on luggage and must be restrained to enable secure and safe storage near the customer. Cylinders, valves and regulators, where fitted, must be protected from damage that could cause inadvertent release of the contents.
​Oxygen concentrators

​Accepted as carry-on luggage for use during travel depending on its size and availability to a power point if required. Can be accepted as checked in luggage provided it doesn’t exceed 20kg in weight and its size allows for safe and secure storage.


​Carry-on luggage only. Storage allowed in own small esky or in onboard refrigerator if labelled and stored as per Queensland Rail requirements. 

​Small eskies/coolers

​Up to (ten) 10 litres capacity. Maximum dimensions 38 cm x 28 cm x 24 cm. Containing food/medication for personal use during the journey. Carry-on luggage and must be small enough to be stored safely on the floor in front of seat.
​Fruit and vegetables

Strictly only for personal consumption during the journey - carry-on luggage only. 

​Flowers/plant cuttings

​Cut flowers and plant cuttings that are free of pests and disease and are not recognised as a pest plant. These items must be stored in the enclosed over-head luggage racks where available or placed in the luggage car by onboard staff. 

​Valuable items

​Including cash, credit cards, passports, medicines, laptop computers, cameras, jewellery, mobile phones. Carry-on luggage only.

​Small fragile items such as glassware, other breakables.
​Carry-on luggage only.

​Small tents, sleeping bag and small camping items (excludes dangerous items)
​Carry-on luggage only.

Sporting Equipment and Musical Instruments
​Refer to the Sporting Equipment and Musical Instruments section

* Item is counted in the checked baggage allowance. All other items are not counted in the check luggage allowance.

# For customers connecting with a RailBus coach connection, special arrangements may be required to ensure wheelchairs and mobility devices can be accepted on the coach. Please check with your consultant at the time of booking.

Unacceptable items:

Unacceptable luggage items are prohibited on our services. They include but are not limited to the following:

Unaccompanied luggage

High chairs

Frozen seafood or other perishable items

Windsurfers/Sailboards/Surf skis/Canoes

Golf Buggies
Electric/motorised or manual push golf buggies will not be accepted even if they are collapsible.

Two wheeled motorised scooters

​Not allowed unless it is used specifically for a customer with an ambulant or physical disability. Must be battery-powered (do not run on petrol) and fit within the size restrictions for the service. Refer to accessibility information page on our website.
​Non-collapsible scooters including kick/push scooters


Except those containing bicycles or collapsible child cots. Refer to Acceptable Items list.
​Containers/tubs - with or without lids

​Garbage or hessian bags


​Except authorised assistance animals supporting a customer with a disability. Refer to guide, hearing and assistance animal information on our accessibility information page. 

​Plants are not allowed. Potted plants are not allowed in general due to, among other things, the risk of invasive ants being present in the media in the pot
​Knives or other weapons

Exception for chef knives required for work purposes. 
Chef knives must be in a locked case and will be stored in the checked luggage area. 

​Firearms and ammunition

​Transport of firearms or ammunition of any kind is banned. 
This includes requests to transport firearms or ammunition from members of sporting shooters associations.

Engines, motors (includes automobile or boating) or parts of engines/motors.

​Exception for tools of trade required for work purposes. 20kg weight maximum and toolbox must be lockable with a handle and will be stored in the checked luggage area.

Other non-standard items
Customers may request to bring non-standard items with them as luggage, which will need to be pre-approved by Queensland Rail Travel prior to travel. If approved, fees may be charged at our absolute discretion. 

Any other item which, in the opinion of Queensland Rail, is unsuitable for carriage. If unsure about items in your luggage, always check with your consultant prior to booking.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are prohibited on our services. They include but are not limited to the following:

​Compressed gases and gas cylinders
​Excluding medicinal oxygen cylinders 



Flammable liquids, gases and solids
Items of a personal nature such as matches, medicines, toiletries, hairsprays, perfumes and deodorants are exempt from this above restriction 

Equipment that runs on flammable fuel

Dry Ice

Animal matter

​Biological hazards

Radioactive materials


​Infectious substances


Syringes for medical purposes can be carried provided they are in a hard, sealed container and kept with the customer always.
Sharp objects such as fishing hooks must not be exposed in the customers luggage. You must advise staff if you are carrying any sharp objects in your luggage.