Accessibility Frequently Asked Questions

Accessibility Frequently Asked Questions

Accessibility Facilities

Travelling with a Carer

Assistance Animals


Wheelchairs and mobility devices

I use a mobility device and would like to know what accessible facilities are provided onboard the train?

The Tilt Trains and Spirit of Queensland offer accessible facilities. When you board and disembark the Tilt Train or Spirit of Queensland, a staff member will deploy a ramp that can be used to assist any customer that requests it.

An accessible space can be booked for you to remain in your mobility device, or you may transfer to a seat. Additionally, the Tilt Trains and Spirit of Queensland have accessible bathroom facilities, including a baby change table. The Spirit of Queensland has an accessible shower.

The traditional style of rail travel offered by our other long-distance services is not accessible to people who use a mobility device due to narrow door and aisle ways. However, a small onboard chair is available for use once inside the train.

Customers who experience difficulty accessing the onboard dining facilities may request food and beverages to be delivered to their seat.

For more information on each long distance service, please visit our Onboard Facilities page.

I can walk short distances but use a mobility device to get around. Can I take my device on the train with me?

Depending on their dimensions, mobility devices can be stored on some of our services in accessible spaces or in the luggage car of some Travel Network services.

A booking is required as space is limited. If you are going on the Tilt Train or Spirit of Queensland you may have the option of remaining in your device for the duration of the journey, depending on the size of your device.

Please view information on device dimensions under the Wheelchair or Motorised Scooter Size Limits section for each service or discuss with your travel consultant.

I have trouble walking and use a walking frame. Will I be able to do so onboard?

You may be able to use a walking frame or other mobility aid, depending on its size. Please let your travel consultant know the dimensions of the device so that they can confirm the aisle will accommodate the device.

Deaf or Hard of Hearing

I am deaf or hard of hearing and want to know what onboard facilities or processes are in place to assist me?

The Tilt Trains and Spirit of Queensland provide captioning on all safety and information messages, lifestyle programmes and selected movies. 

Additionally, hearing loops have been installed and improved controls for headset sound clarity.

If you think you may require any assistance onboard, please discuss this with your travel consultant who will ensure any relevant information is passed on to onboard staff. 

What is a hearing loop?

A hearing loop is an assistive listening system which can transmit sounds to the telecoil (a small coil of wire that is placed inside a hearing device) or to other types of hearing devices for people who don't wear hearing aids. Hearing loops are used in conjunction with a telecoil to help customers who are hard of hearing hear better in challenging listening situations. 

A hearing loop system is a wire placed around an area, such as a room, a stage, or on a train or platform. When the hearing loop is turned on, customers are required to set their hearing device to the telecoil program. The telecoil will pick up the magnetic signal transmitted by the hearing loop and the hearing device will then convert it into sound which they will hear. 

One of the benefits of a hearing loop is that the transmitted signal fills the whole space, improving the sound quality. This is most beneficial when the source of the sound is some distance from the customer, or there is a background noise, such as on a train. 

The hearing loop system is currently available on most of our platforms and on the Tilt Trains and Spirit of Queensland services. 

For information on the facilities provided at each station across our long-distance network, please visit our Find your station page.

Blind or Low Vision

I am blind or have low vision and want to know what onboard facilities or processes in place to assist me?

All Tilt Train services, and Spirit of Queensland services have:

  • High visibility handrails and grab handles on seats, aisle-ways and flooring in contrasting colours.
  • Accessible signage provided throughout the carriages with raised text, clear colour contrasts, pictograms and Braille.
  • Overhead lockers with raised numbers and Braille to assist you in identifying your seat location.

Staff can help you in a number of ways such as assisting you with boarding, disembarking, helping you in and out of your seat and bringing meals or refreshments to your seat or berth.

If you think you may require any assistance onboard, please discuss this with your travel consultant who will ensure any relevant information is passed on to onboard staff.

Assistance Animals

Can I travel on a long-distance service with my assistance dog?

You may, provided the assistance animal meets Queensland Rail Travel's approved criteria.

In accordance with the Queensland Rail Travel Policy, customers who are unable to produce evidence that the animal has been trained appropriately may be refused travel with their assistance animal.

The identity card issued by the training organisation is accepted as proof of eligibility to access Queensland premises and trains.

All approved guide, hearing and assistance animals will be carried free of charge on Queensland Rail Travel services.

For further information please view the information on the Queensland Rail Travel website or call the Customer Contact Centre on 1800 872 467.


I require assistance with my medication on my journey, can onboard staff help me?

While onboard staff are trained in first aid procedures, they cannot provide assistance with giving injections or administering medication.

If you require additional assistance you may need to arrange for a carer, friend or relative to travel with you.

To store medication onboard in Queensland Rail Travel fridges, the medication must be in a sealed container less than 210 mm long x 140 mm wide x 75 mm deep clearly labelled with name, contact phone number and carriage seat/berth number.

I have a Queensland Resident Pension Concession Card and am using my rail entitlements. Will my concession entitlements also cover my carer when I travel?

Yes. The four rail entitlement journeys you receive each year can also include access to carers travel rates. Written confirmation is required from either your doctor or an organisation for people with disabilities, verifying that you require a carer to travel with you. Alternatively, if you have a Companion Card, this can be used to be eligible for carer travel rates.