Accessibility Frequently Asked Questions

Accessibility FAQs

Accessibility Frequently Asked Questions

​Wheelchairs and mobility aids

Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Blind or Low Vision

Assistance Animals

You may, provided the assistance animal meets Queensland Rail Travel's approved criteria.

For further information please call the Customer Contact Centre on 1800 872 467 or view the information on the Queensland Rail Travel website.

Passengers with trained guide dogs or hearing dogs do not have to complete the application process. Registration with the approved organisation that trained the dog is sufficient. The identity card issued by the training organisation is accepted as proof of eligibility to access Queensland premises and trains.


While onboard staff are trained in first aid procedures, they cannot provide assistance with:

  • Giving injections/administering medication
  • Lifting
  • Meals
  • Assistance on or off the toilet pedestal or emptying colostomy bags or urine bottles.

You will need to arrange for a carer, friend or relative to travel with you should you require this type of assistance.

Yes. The four rail entitlement journeys you receive each year can also include access to carers travel rates. Written confirmation is required from either your doctor or an organisation for people with disabilities, verifying that you require a carer to travel with you. Alternatively, if you have a companion card, this can be used instead of obtaining this written confirmation to be eligible for carer travel rates.

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