Travelling with a Carer

Travelling with a Carer

Queensland Rail Travel's policy allows a carer to travel for free in seats on Queensland Rail Travel services when accompanying a customer with a disability who requires their assistance.

A carer provides personal care, support and assistance to a travelling customer as required.

You can view details of our onboard and station staff assistance in Accessible Facilities.

A Carer's fare is accessed in the following two ways:

  1. The customer requiring a carer holds a Companion Card, the card can be used to access carer's fares.
  2. The customer requiring a carer (using Queensland Pensioner Rail Entitlements) provides a letter from a doctor which states there is requirement for a carer to travel with them. The letter allows access to carer's fares and will be valid for 2 years from the date of issue.

The following conditions apply in both circumstances above:

  • Travel for carers must be the same class, carriage and journey as the accompanying customer they are providing care for.
  • Additional charges such as berth fees and meals are not covered under the Carer's Policy and must be paid by the customers.
  • A family member may be approved as a carer and are expected to provide any carer support, including assistance with mobility and associated tasks joining and leaving the train and during the journey.


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