Fit for Travel

Fit for Travel

Fitness for Travel

​We believe that our customers being Fit for Travel is vital for enjoyment of the journey and the protection and safety of our customers and team members.

You are Fit for Travel if:
  • you are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • you do not have any communicable or infectious diseases; (your doctor can provide advice);​
  • you are medically stable and able to take the journey you have booked;
  • you are acting respectfully towards our team and your fellow customers;
  • you are complying with our Conditions of Carriage and other policies and instructions of our onboard team;
  • you are not a safety risk to the train, our team or your fellow customers.

If, at any time during the journey, you are not Fit for Travel we may refuse you boarding or ask you to leave the train.

We may also involve the Queensland Police or Ambulance services.  

You being Fit for Travel is important to us and your fellow customers

Follow instructions, act reasonably and always respect your fellow customers and our team members

If you don’t remain Fit for Travel you might have to leave the train

Medical Information

Before your Journey

You know your requirements best.  We can only assist where we are given information to allow us to plan to ensure you have a great customer experience.

We can't guarantee that we will be able to satisfy all your requirements but will do what we can.

If you have a medical condition that impacts your ability to travel safely, ensure that you get your doctor’s advice on your suitability to travel.

When you book your ticket please contact the Customer Contact Centre or a Travel Centre and let us know:
  • if your doctor has specified any requirements for you to safely travel (such as needing to lay down for your journey or special seating needs)
  • about medical equipment you are travelling with (especially if it will exceed the standard luggage allowances or involves oxygen use;
  • if you have powered medical equipment that requires 240v AC Power;
  • about any prescribed medications that require refrigeration onboard;
  • about any allergies that you have; or
  • if you need a carer (for example, if you have a condition which may result in confusion, panic attacks or antisocial behaviour) to join you on the journey

To store medication onboard in Queensland Rail Travel fridges, the medication must be in a sealed container less than 210 mm long x 140 mm wide x 75 mm deep clearly labelled with name, contact phone number and carriage seat/berth number.
We keep all of this sensitive information securely on a need to know basis.

Please also refer to our  Accessibility pages  on our website for accessibility information and the  Luggage policy  in relation to medical equipment which might count as dangerous or oversize goods.  For example, for safety reasons we cannot carry equipment powered by any type of liquid or gas fuel.

Boarding the Train
If you think you will need any medication during your journey, please carry it with you in your hand luggage. If possible, keep the medication in the original packaging for identification purposes if it is misplaced during travel. 

During the Journey
If you need to dispose of needles, lancets, syringes or empty insulin cartridges on board please use the sharps container located in the accessible onboard toilet. 

You must supply all medical equipment that you require to travel safely.

Queensland Rail cannot guarantee an allergy free environment on-board.  Carry any allergy medication you may need with you, including adrenalin auto injectors, in your hand luggage. 

After the Journey
If you find out you travelled with any communicable or infectious disease, please contact your doctor/medical specialist who should notify Queensland Health to contact us with their advice if applicable.

We love to help

If you have a serious medical condition, please check with your doctor to make sure you are ok to travel

Let us know about your specific travel requirements so we can help plan your trip and get you to your destination safely

Put your name and seat number on any medication you put in our fridge

Look on the website for more detail on Accessibility and Luggage requirements

Do not pack your onboard medication in checked luggage. You won’t have access to your checked bags during your journey

Please put your used sharps in the sharps container

We can’t guarantee an allergy free environment and don’t have EpiPens

Speak to your doctor if you travelled with an infectious disease