Travelling with Children

Travelling with Children


Travelling with children and Infants

​Free or discounted tickets are available for children and infants.  Details are on the Fare Types page.

Collapsible baby carriages, child restraint car seats and baby safety capsules
We accept these items and they don’t affect your luggage allowance. They should be checked in and stored in the checked luggage area. View our luggage policy for more details.

Baby bottles
Queensland Rail team members will heat bottles in a jug of hot water for the customer. 

Baby Change Tables
Baby change tables are available on our trains, please visit our Carriage layout or Virtual tours page to learn more. 

Child and infant tickets cost less (or are free)

Our luggage policy allows you to check these items in

We'll heat your bottle if you need it – we don't use the microwave though

Our trains have change tables

Unaccompanied Children

Before the journey

This policy should be read in addition to the Queensland Rail Travel's conditions of carriage and does not alter, waive or modify those conditions.

Age Limit – Unaccompanied Children

  • ​​We cannot carry unaccompanied children who are under 12.​
  • Any child under 12 must be accompanied by someone who is 16 or older.
  • If your child is over 12 and less than 16 we will accept a booking for them as an Unaccompanied Child if you follow this policy.

Our Conditions of Carriage still apply

No Unaccompanied Children under 12 on Queensland Rail Travel trains
How to Book an Unaccompanied Child
  • ​An unaccompanied child booking can only be made by an adult/guardian (self-booking is not permitted).​
  • Unaccompanied Children can only be booked in person or by calling our Customer Contact Centre.
  • Unaccompanied children cannot be booked into enclosed sleeping carriages.​

Bookings for an unaccompanied child can only be made by an adult/guardian, by phone or in person.​
Information Required

We need:

  • The child's name and age.
  • Contact numbers for parents/guardians for the child.
  • Names and contact details for the person/s dropping off and collecting the child at the train station.
  • Note: We don't allow bookings if the child will not be met at the end of the journey, nor do we accept bookings if the child would need to transfer to/from another train or RailBus service.
  • Any special requirements for the child's travel (e.g. allergies, medical conditions).
  • Details of any assistance needed getting on or off the service, or during their journey which may include allergy advice, medical conditions, dietary requirements, accessibility.
  • Proof of the child's age (a student identification card, birth certificate, passport or other similar documentation).

We need a lot of details to help us keep everyone safe

Booking Number

Once you have a confirmed booking, we will give you a booking number.  Please keep this number to yourself and only share it with trusted people.  Anyone with this number can get details about, or amend, the child's booking.  

We will give you a booking number. Keep it secure
For the journey​

Journey preparation 

We strongly recommend that a responsible adult remains at the station with the child until the train has departed.           

To assist us in providing the best customer experience possible please ensure that the unaccompanied child:

  • Has sufficient food or adequate funds for meals and refreshments during the journey. 
  • Is carrying identification and proof of age to show to our staff on request. We might have to refuse boarding to the child if we cannot confirm their age and identity at boarding time.

Help ensure a comfortable and safe trip for the child
No continuous monitoring   

Where possible, unaccompanied children will be allocated into sitting cars next to service cars to assist onboard customer service staff to periodically monitor the child during the journey. 

That said, the customer service team are serving everyone on the train and so cannot provide continuous care of your child.

We do not provide continuous monitoring of the child
After the journey

You can call 1800 803 009 for updates on train arrival times.  

A responsible adult needs to be at the train station to meet the child at the end of the journey.

Queensland Rail cannot keep the train waiting until an unaccompanied child is picked up from the destination station. If your unaccompanied child is not picked up at the station Queensland Rail may call the police or other relevant authority to take custody of the child.

You need to meet the child at the end of the journey

 View in pdf

Travelling when Pregnant

​If you are pregnant and intend to travel with us we recommend that you discuss your travel plans with your doctor before travel - particularly during the later stages of pregnancy.
If you are pregnant you should check with your medical expert prior to travelling with us

Sharing Sleepers with Children

An infant must be booked into their own RailBed, and a child fare applies. Infants must be booked into a RailBed directly next to the parent or guardian accompanying them or directly across the aisle in the case of two infants with one parent or guardian.

Twin Sleepers
Infants must be booked into the same Twin Sleeper cabin with the parent or guardian accompanying them and a child fare applies. 

​You cannot share a Single RailBed or Sleeper with your infant.


​Old School
A Rail journey is the ideal opportunity for your child to indulge with some pencils and colouring-in books, story books or travel games.  If you don’t bring your own, kids activity packs are available for purchase. ​

Power up
For power point and USB charger point information and locations on our services, visit Travel options.

Pens and Paper + exploring the train = FUN

You can charge up your device on most trains


​All our services offer a range of food and drinks suitable for children in the café or servery carriages. For menu options please visit our Menu page or ask the onboard team. 

Don’t forget to let us know about any dietary requirements or allergies.
Kids love our menu