Spirit of Queensland Virtual Tour

​Spirit of Queensland Virtual Tour

Ever wanted to know what it's like onboard the Spirit of Queensland? 

Take a look through our Spirit of Queensland virtual tour. You'll see what the carriages look like, including the RailBeds and Economy seating, and have the opportunity to view the Spirit of Queensland Café.

Please use this text description of the Spirit of Queensland if you would prefer to read about the train rather than take a virtual tour.

Virtual Tour Tips ꟷ Spirit of Queensland

  • The Spirit of Queensland virtual tour shows six carriages that are used by customers.
  • These include two RailBed carriages, the Spirit of Queensland Café and three Economy seating carriages.
  • The tour starts at Carriage B and goes all the way through to Carriage G.
  • There are some images of the Roma Street Station platform in Brisbane and the external entry points of the train carriages.
  • Carriage B (RailBed) and Carriage E (Economy seating) have accessible features to assist customers with a disability.
  • The virtual tour is a great opportunity to find out what a RailBed really looks like. Check them out in the seated position for daytime and navigate your way to RailBed 13 in Cariage B to see it made up for sleeping overnight.

For information about how to use the virtual tours, please visit our Tour our trains page.