Normanton to Croydon

​​​​​​​​​Take a journey through frontier country from Normanton to Croydon as you step aboard the iconic Gulflander. Also known as the ‘Tin Hare’, this legendary rail motor is one of the last great characters of the rail world.

Affectionately said to go from ‘nowhere to nowhere’, the Heritage Listed Normanton to Croydon line was never connected to the state rail network and remains the only line in Queensland still measured in miles. From wetlands and grasslands to arid Savannah territory, the Gulflander travels through countryside that most people will never see. This nostalgic rail journey is the perfect way to discover an area steeped in pioneering history and heritage. 

As a working tribute to the Gulf of Carpentaria’s early pioneers, the Gulflander is a once in a lifetime experience.​

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Route: Normanton to Croydon​  Network MapTrain Stations
Distance: 152 kms (94 miles)
  Timetable Departs Normanton:
Wed at 8.30am

Duration: 5​ hr   Timetable Departs Croydon:
Thur at 8.30am ​

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The Gulflander
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Normanton Station
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Under the train
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The Gulflander
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Normanton Station
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Station Masters Office
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Railmotor RM32
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Normanton at Dusk
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The journey is the destination.
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