Responsible Service of Alcohol

Responsible Service of Alcohol

Queensland Rail House Policy on the Responsible Service of Alcohol

Queensland Rail prides itself on being a Responsible Server of Alcohol (RSA). Queensland Rail team members demonstrate this commitment to responsible service through the implementation of the following House Policy:

  • All team members who directly work in sale of alcohol will hold an RSA certificate approved by the QLD Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.

  • We will educate our team on our duty of care through training and communication.

  • Alcohol will only be served in alignment with our meal service periods after 10.00am daily.

  • All team members are trained and supported by management to request valid identification from persons whom they believe may be underage.

  • Intoxicated or disorderly persons will be refused service and may be removed from the service.

  • All team members are authorised to involve the appropriate authorities where it is determined that a patron is not following the direction of a team member acting under their RSA responsibilities.

  • When alcohol is available for consumption, food, low alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, and free tap water will also be made available.

  • We will only permit the sale of a maximum of two alcoholic beverages per person per transaction.

  • We will not conduct promotions that encourage excessive or rapid drinking.

  • We will not serve a person we know to be stacking drinks. Queensland Rail management and team members are committed to the enforcement of this policy and will adhere to all conditions as set out in its Liquor Licence.

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