Group Policy


Group Policy

1. Definitions: (In this policy, the following definitions apply) “Group” means customers’ travelling together

“Group Booking” means a booking made for 10 or more customers travelling together on the same itinerary
“Group Discount” means an approved discount provided by Queensland Rail Travel for a group booking
“Group Organiser” means the person responsible for making the Group Booking
“Group Leader” means a person that accompanies the group for the complete itinerary
“School Group” means a group booking made up of 10 or more students travelling together under a school banner
“Queensland Rail Travel” means an associated travel brand of Queensland Rail

2. Making a reservation and general conditions:

2.1 A “Group Travel Request Form” must be completed for your group request to be processed, these are found online at If web access is not available requests can be made via a fax form - call 1300 735 307.

2.2 Once received, your Group Travel request will be processed and advised in writing by Queensland Rail Travel with specific group travel information and policy details. If approved a confirmation will be sent with the Group Travel Policy, this must be signed and returned 90 days prior. Failure to receive signed documentation will result in your booking being cancelled. Group booking status will not apply if the terms and conditions of this policy are not complied with.

2.3 Group Travel is at the discretion of Queensland Rail Travel. Any applicable discounts will be advised at confirmation.

2.4 Groups Leaders:

• 1 free of charge Group Leader per 20 confirmed customers

• For confirmed numbers of 15-19 customers a discount of 50% off the full adult fare for the group leader will apply

• 14 and under customers – no group leader discount applies

2.5 We recommend groups purchase a pre-paid meal option to assist with catering and dietary requirements,

2.5 If your Group, due to cancellation, falls below the minimum number of ten (10) adult travellers, your group is no longer eligible for any applicable group discount.

2.6 Groups must travel together on the same train and class of travel. Customers may join the group at an alternate station, however fare discounts may change, subject to review.

2.7 Although we try to accommodate Group seating allocation requests, we cannot guarantee specific carriages or blocks of seats. Seat allocations may be changed at any time for safety, security or operational reasons. Carriage layouts may limit the amount of seats available to accommodate single travellers or paired travellers in desired seating preferences.

2.8 Queensland Rail Travel’s group policy is subject to change at any time which may result in alterations to existing bookings.

2.9 The Group Organiser must advise Queensland Rail Travel of any excess baggage or large number of unusual baggage items (e.g. golf bags) at the time of booking. All special baggage requests are subject to approval. We strongly recommend personal travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances that may affect the groups travel plans.

3. Payments and confirmations

3.1 The following sets out payment and confirmation rules which apply to Group Bookings:

• Allocation review date is 150, 120, 90 days prior to departure.

• Final Payment and naming list is due 60 days prior to departure.

(Note these dates will be renegotiated if the group booking request is less than 90 days prior to departure date)

At the allocation review date Queensland Rail Travel will contact the Group Organiser to obtain an update on the quantity of allocations still required for final confirmation and payment. At this point the group is financially committed to 50% of the value of the quantity of allocations retained.

3.2 60 days prior to departure, the group organiser must provide the final naming list and payment details to Queensland Rail Travel.

3.3 Once full payment and naming lists have been confirmed, tickets and travel documentation will be issued and sent to the Group Organiser. (60 days prior to departure)

4. Amendments

4.1 Once the group booking is finalised and tickets and documentation has been issued, Queensland Rail may charge amendment fees as detailed below for any changes

  • 59-30 days prior to departure $15 per person
  • 29-3 days prior to departure 50% per person (minimum $25 per person)
  • Inside 72 hours of travel Non-refundable, a new fare applies
4.2 New booking dates and services are subject to availability and price variation at time of change. Differences in ticket prices and change fees will be payable at the time the change is made.

4.3 It may be necessary for reasons beyond our control to cancel or amend any of the arrangements for any particular itinerary. Should this occur you may transfer to another service/travel date, book independent arrangements or receive a full refund.

4.4 If a ticket is lost or stolen, please contact Queensland Rail Travel

5. Cancellation fees and split aways

5.1 If the signed agreement and final payment is not received by the dates as specified in your Group Travel confirmation, the booking may be cancelled and all allocation released.

5.2 The following cancellation fees apply for services cancelled prior to departure:
  • 59 - 30 days inclusive 50% per person (minimum $25 per person)
  • Inside 30 days of departure Non-refundable
5.3 Queensland Government Pension administration fee will not be refunded.

5.4 If more than 20% of the Group Members cancel or split away (i.e. request a different itinerary from the group), Queensland Rail Travel reserves the right to re-quote the main group based on the Group Travel conditions.

5.5 When adding passengers to a Group Booking, the fare will be the best available at the time of booking.

6. Misuse of this policy

6.1 If Queensland Rail Travel has reason to believe that a Group Organiser is intentionally misusing, the Group Travel Policy, Queensland Rail Travel will consider the following actions:

6.1.1 Cancel bookings made by that Group Organiser

6.1.2 Require immediate full payment for bookings made

6.1.3 Recover a financial debt from the Group Organiser for any loss Queensland Rail Travel suffers as a result of the conduct

7. Travel with Queensland Rail Travel

7.1 All travel with Queensland Rail Travel is subject to Queensland Rail Travel’s standard conditions of carriage. Please visit for details

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