Onboard Payments

Onboard Payment Options

Queensland Rail Travel accepts the following onboard payment options:

  1. EFTPOS transactions including MasterCard; Visa credit and debit cards; American Express (AMEX); JCB and a wide range of debit cards
  2. Important Note: Please have your actual card ready to swipe or insert to assist easy payment onboard. Please note due to intermittent connectivity we are unable to accept tap and pay payment methods. For example, Apple Pay or other mobile device payments using tap and pay.

We do not accept:

  1. Cash (due to current COVID-19 health advice from the Queensland Government. Visit our Travelsafe page for more COVID-19 travel information)
  2. Diners card
  3. Scheme cards including gift cards
  4. Personal cheques
  5. No cash out facilities are available

Please note that due to the nature of the onboard environment, EFTPOS connectivity is not guaranteed at all times.