Service Updates

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Long distance services are updated regularly between 6:00am and 7:00pm daily. We recommend calling the 24 hour arrivals information line for day of travel updates.

For tourist services information please contact Kuranda Scenic Railway Reservations on 1800 577 245 or +61 7 4036 9333 (option 1) daily between 7am and 4.30pm AEST or visit /  


For on-time running updates on services currently in transit, please call our 24 hour arrivals information service on 1800 803 009.


For services scheduled to travel on Sunday 18 March 2018 please refer to the updates below.


Spirit of Queensland

Southbound – Departing Cairns Sunday 18 March - Running as scheduled

Northbound – Departed Brisbane Saturday 17 March 20 minutes behind scheduled. Alert - Due to predicted rainfall and flooding in the Ingham and Innisfail region, this train and any coach replacement service is not guaranteed for locations north of Townsville.


Tilt Train Bundaberg  

Northbound – No timetabled service today

Southbound – No timetabled service today


Tilt Train Rockhampton   

Southbound – Running as scheduled

Northbound – Running as scheduled


Spirit of the Outback

Westbound – Departed Brisbane Saturday 17 March - 50 minutes behind scheduled

Eastbound – No timetabled service today


The Inlander

Westbound – Departed Townsville Saturday 17 March – Running as scheduled

Eastbound – Running as scheduled


The Westlander   

Eastbound – No timetable service today

Westbound - No timetabled service today


Kuranda Scenic Railway   

Northbound – Running as scheduled

Southbound – Running as scheduled



No timetabled service today

For further updates for all long distance services, please contact our reservations team on 1300 131 722 between 7.00am and 7.00pm daily.

For Kuranda Scenic Railway and Gulflander services, please contact Kuranda Scenic Railway Reservations on 1800 577 245 or +61 7 4036 9333 (option 1) daily between 7am and 4.30pm AEST.

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Service Updates Key

Late Running Service Running Normal:
Service is running to within 20 minutes of the published timetable.

Late Running Service Late Running:
Service running late up to 4 hours

Alert Alert:
Severe weather conditions or unpredicted trackwork has affected this service 

Disrupted Service Disrupted Service:
Service running late over 4 hours or there has been unplanned disruption

Scheduled Maintenance Scheduled Maintenance:
Planned trackwork is affecting this service 

Anticipated Maintenance Anticipated Maintenance:
Planned trackwork may effect this service

No Service Operating No Timetabled Service Today:
No timetabled service is operating 

Cancelled Service Cancelled Service:
This scheduled service has been cancelled