Guide, Hearing and Assistance Animals

Assistance Animals

Guide, Hearing and Assistance Animals

For the safety and comfort of all customers, animals are not permitted on any Queensland Rail Travel service with the exception of guide, hearing or assistance animals.

In accordance with the Queensland Rail Travel Policy, customers who are unable to produce sufficient evidence of their need for an assistance animal as well as evidence that the animal has been trained appropriately may be refused travel with their assistance animal.

All approved guide, hearing and assistance animals will be carried free of charge on Queensland Rail Travel services.

Guide, hearing and assistance animals must be suitably trained to assist a person with a disability to alleviate the effect of their disability and to meet standards of hygiene and behaviour that are appropriate for an animal in a public place. Evidence documentation must be provided to confirm the animal has been suitably trained.

An assistance animal is not a pet or an animal trained to assist people who do not have a disability (e.g. guard dog or mustering dog).

Guide, Hearing and Assistance animals most commonly assist customers who:

  • Are blind or vision impaired;
  • Are deaf or hearing impaired;
  • Have reduced hand or limb function;
  • Have a medical condition where there are episodes of loss of consciousness such as sever epilepsy or unstable diabetes; or
  • Have some form of anxiety disorder.


When and How to Book

Pre approved bookings are required when travelling with guide, hearing or assistance animals.

Customers are requested to apply for travel for themselves and their guide, hearing or assistance animal in advance to avoid any unnecessary delay in processing their request and to ensure that suitable seating can be reserved.

Guide, hearing and assistance animal bookings cannot be made on the internet. They can be made in the following ways:

Phone 1800 TRAINS (872 467) 


Visit Visit a Travel Centre, ticket office or travel agent

Accommodation on the train will be booked as close as possible to the carriage exit doors to enable easy access for the customer and their guide, hearing and assistance animal.

An extra seat will be booked next to the person travelling with the guide, hearing or assistance animal to allow for the animal to sit on the floor in front of the spare seat.

Let your consultant know if there are any particular requirements that the onboard staff need to know about and we’ll advise them in advance.


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