Weather impacts on our network

Weather impacts on our network

There’s nothing quite like the unpredictable nature of the Queensland weather at this time of year.

Just like the extreme weather conditions in Queensland can impact your house and other infrastructure, it can impact our network too. From scorching temperatures with the potential to cause rail track to expand, to bushfires, lightning strikes, debris or trees falling onto tracks and flood waters that prevent trains from safely continuing, severe weather impacts can often be unpredictable.

Queensland Rail staff are on hand during this extreme weather to ensure we fix any issues as quickly as possible. They are strategically positioned across our vast Queensland network, ready to spring into action in the event of an unplanned disruption. Often no two days are the same and the team’s swift actions ensure we can return services to normal as quickly as possible for our customers. With Queensland prone to these brutal weather days, our teams closely monitor the weather and the condition of the rail network throughout the day to ensure we identify any issues, keep your train safe, and minimise impacts wherever possible.

In the event of an unplanned disruption, where possible Queensland Rail Travel will continue to provide services through our disruptions process and will make every effort to continue to provide transportation to your booked destination. It would only be during an event where roads are closed that we could not convey customers to their destination. We unreservedly apologise to any customers who may have been impacted by these extreme weather issues and please be assured that all of our team members from operations, the customer contact centre and onboard services will be working hard to get you to your destination.

To ensure you’re receiving the latest updates be sure to visit our Service Updates page for up to the minute information on all our long- distance services.  Or you can call our Service Update phoneline, 1800 803 009, that is updated regularly with service information.