Lost Property and Luggage Claims

Lost and found

Lost Property and Luggage Claims

​​Lost Property

If lost property is found at a station it will be held at that particular station for up to two (2) weeks before being returned and stored centrally in Brisbane Central Station Plaza Level, Rail Centre 2. Entry is via Edward St during business hours.

To enquire about lost property, you can:​

Phone Phone 13 16 17 during business hours - 7.30am - 5pm; ​Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

Form Complete the lost property form

Visit Visit the lost property office at Brisbane Central Station Plaza Level, Rail Centre 2 during business hours - entry via Edward St. 7.30am - 5pm; ​Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

Luggage Claims

Liability for loss or damage of Checked Luggage is limited to $200.​ For any claims relating to lost or damaged luggage please see the station staff.

Your luggage stub number and booking reference is required. Queensland Rail Travel does not accept responsibility or liability for carry on luggage or any other item or possession accompanying the customer placed in racks, shelves or other storage areas, on the floor, or carried or placed on the train.

 FormComplete the Luggage Claim Form

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