Tilt Train Maintenance

​​​​​Tilt Train Maintenance

​​Queensland Rail Travel customers can look forward to a number of improvements from mid 2017 as work has begun on a major overhaul of the Rockhampton and B​undaberg Tilt Trains. The work will involve the mid-life overhaul of the two trains, including upgrades to key mechanical components and internal refurbishments. To ensure the continuation of services whilst this project is underway, the Tilt Trains will be upgraded one at a time and substituted with a Traditional Diesel Replacement train. Every effort will be made to minimise the disruption to customers, however there will be additional travel time experienced.
As part of Queensland Rails commitment to maintaining our high standards of safety, reliability and comfort on board, a scheduled maintenance program is underway to deliver the following enhancements:

  • A significant overhaul of the train's mechanical systems, electrical and safety systems to meet the latest in industry standards and support the remaining life of the trains
  • Maintain the safety and reliability of the Electric Tilt Trains
  • Modern, attractive and refreshed new interiors - brand new seat covers and foam support, soft furnishings including carpet, curtains and floor coverings
The Electric Tilt Train is our flagship commuter service and in the 2013 - 2014 financial year, 225,000 people chose to take a journey along Queensland's southern coast aboard a Tilt Train service. Annually, the trains travel approximately 350,000km to connect communities from Brisbane to Bundaberg and Rockhampton and have travelled more than five million kilometres since their introduction in 1998. This planned major overhaul will not only allow us to ensure the long-term reliability of the service but will deliver improved customer features to enhance overall customer satisfaction and help encourage even more people to use the service. ​

Our Approach

We plan to carry out the work to the carriages on a rolling programme and will make every effort to minimise the overall disruption for our customers.

In order to minimize the impact of this project on the Rockhampton and Bundaberg services, timetable frequency has been maintained and journey time increased on the Diesel Replacement Train services only 3 hours and 5 mins. During this maintenance programme, customers are advised there are some timetable adjustments and that the Diesel Replacement Train runs at a reduced capacity with Business Class service not available.

We will keep our customers updated as this project progresses.

Upon completion, this maintenance and overhaul will enhance our main commuter transport service, providing the communities of regional Queensland with a daily service and supporting trade and tourism development for a more prosperous and sustainable region

Project objectives

  • Engineered to meet the latest industry standards and support the remaining life of the train
  • Maintain the safety of the Electric Tilt trains
  • Maintain the reliability of the Electric Tilt trains
  • Ensure that the Electric Tilt trains have the potential to achieve a full 30 year design life
  • Ensure that the Electric Tilt trains meet customers' requirements and expectations

Safety & Environment Standards Compliance

  • 15-year electrical insulation resistance tests / inspection / repair
  • Brake system - remove / overhaul / test / re-commissioning
  • Traction system - remove / overhaul / test / re-commissioning
  • Couplers and draft gear overhaul - remove / overhaul / test / re-commissioning
  • Inter-car canopies
  • Domestic inverters, contactors, cabling and anaconda cabling and other miscellaneous items replaced

Customer Service Enhancements

  • Overhaul seating including brand new seat covers and foam support
  • Replace soft furnishings including carpet, curtains and vinyl floor coverings
  • Improve galley functionality
  • Free ​​Wi-fi

Customer journey planning

How will my journey time table be affected?

From 16 March 2015 and the duration of the maintenance program we have highlighted the points to consider when planning your journey.

A revised timetable is currently available to assist in planning your journey, click here to view timetable.

​​What you need to know about the Traditional Diesel Replacement train:

  • It is a traditional passenger train locomotive hauled with sitter carriages and a standard service club car. Carriages are a traditional, older style with comfortable cushioned seats that recline.
  • Revised seating options mean no Business Class is available. For Business Class travel please consider the Electric Tilt train
  • Accessibility on the Traditional Diesel Replacement train is limited. Customers travelling with their own wheelchair on board would need to travel on the Electric Tilt Train, which has accessible spaces available.
  • Customer with mobility impairments who have collapsible wheelchairs are required to be able to walk to their seat and toilet facilities independently, or be accompanied by a carer or friend. Their collapsible wheelchair will be stowed in the luggage compartment for the journey. 
  • Traditional service has a reduction in capacity from 282 to 144 passengers.
  • A Licensed Club Car provides light refreshments
  • Fold down table and foot rests are provided
  • Toilets and drinking fountains are located in the end of each carriage
  • All seats face the direction of travel

Journey Planning

  • Journey time on this service will increase by up to 3 hours and 5 minutes
  • B-Quick fares are available on all Tilt Train and Traditional Diesel Replacement train.
  • Please review the timetable for most up to date information.