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Experience Queensland

Hover your mouse over a train or experience region and click to find out more:

12 Reef Experience
Trains to this region
The Sunlander,
Cairns Tilt Train,
Rockhampton Tilt Train
Bundaberg Tilt Train
find out more »

One of nature’s greatest creations, it’s a uniquely beautiful playground where daydreams become realities and the daily grind trades places with tropical indulgences.

/PublishingImages/Maps/queensland-rail-travel_map-reef_231x319.gif X
11 Outback Experience
Trains to this region
Spirit of the Outback,
The Inlander,
The Westlander
find out more »

The rails shimmer under the western sky as hopping kangaroos keep pace outside and birds circle lazily up high. This is a land where Dreamtime culture sits side by side with tales of explorers and pioneers, gold rushes and cattle drives.

You’re taking the train from Brisbane to Outback Queensland, over the Great Dividing Range into hauntingly beautiful country that’s rich in heritage and home to friendly, down to earth people.

/PublishingImages/Maps/queensland-rail-travel_map-outback_231x319.gif X
13 Rainforest Experience
Trains to this region
The Sunlander,
Cairns Tilt Train,
Rockhampton Tilt Train
Bundaberg Tilt Train,
Kuranda Scenic Railway
find out more »

Evolving over millions of years into a unique ecosystem that’s also an area of extreme natural beauty, it’s home to rare animals and 3000 types of plants. In the Dreamtime the traditional caretakers of the Daintree were the Tjapukai: the people of the rainforest.

/PublishingImages/Maps/queensland-rail-travel_map-rainforest_231x319.gif X
14 Beach Experience
Trains to this region
The Sunlander,
Cairns Tilt Train,
Rockhampton Tilt Train
Bundaberg Tilt Train
find out more »

Pure powder-white or soft golden sand, perfect blue water topped with diamonds, rolling surf or lazy waves that ripple gently into sheltered bays. On the Gold Coast alone, the beaches stretch out along 42 kilometres, a more coveted commodity than gold itself.

/PublishingImages/Maps/queensland-rail-travel_map-beach_231x319.gif X
16 Spirit of Queensland Regional Service
Spirit of Queensland
Route: Brisbane to
Distance: 1681 kms
Duration: 24 hrs, 55 mins
» find out more

Contemporary, comfortable and designed for relaxation, the newest addition to the Queensland Rail Travel fleet offers new features that will redefine the modern rail travel experience. Spirit of Queensland service offers two classes of travel for customers; RailBeds and Premium Economy Seats.

/PublishingImages/Maps/queensland-rail-travel_map-spirit-of-queensland_231x319.gif X
4 Rockhampton Tilt Train Regional Service
Rockhampton Tilt Train
Route: Brisbane to
Distance: 639 kms
Duration: 7 hrs, 25 mins
» find out more

The Tilt Train not only transports you through some of the most beautiful scenery, it also extends the gift of more time to explore it.

The Tilt Train between Brisbane and Rockhampton operates almost daily in each direction.

/PublishingImages/Maps/queensland-rail-travel_map-rockhampton-tilt-train_231x319.gif X
5 Bundaberg Tilt Train Regional Service
Bundaberg Tilt Train
Route: Brisbane to
Distance: 351 kms
Duration: 4 hrs, 30 mins
» find out more

The Tilt Train not only transports you through some of the most beautiful scenery, it also extends the gift of more time to explore it.

The Tilt Train between Brisbane and Bundaberg operates almost daily in each direction.

/PublishingImages/Maps/queensland-rail-travel_map-bundaberg-tilt-train_231x319.gif X
3 Spirit of the Outback Regional Service
Spirit of the Outback
Route: Brisbane to
Distance: 1325 kms
Duration: 24 hrs
» find out more

Nothing stirs the imagination quite like the thought of a journey to the outback of Queensland to the towns and places immortalised in story and song.

What better way to experience these legendary destinations than by rail on The Spirit of the Outback, where you can see the landscape up close and take the time to admire its untamed beauty.

/PublishingImages/Maps/queensland-rail-travel_map-spirit-of-the-outback_231x319.gif X
6 The Westlander Regional Service
The Westlander
Route: Brisbane to
Distance: 777 kms
Duration: 17 hrs
» find out more

From Brisbane, The Westlander takes you across the towering mountains of the Great Dividing Range through the lush green countryside of the Darling Downs, and out to historic Charleville in the heart of mulga country.

In Charleville you'll have amazing opportunities to see native flora and fauna that just cant be found in the bigger centres. Discover why astronomers flock to the west, when you visit the Cosmos Centre and Observatory for unmatched stargazing.

/PublishingImages/Maps/queensland-rail-travel_map-the-westlander_231x319.gif X
7 The Inlander Regional Service
The Inlander
Route: Townsville to
Mount Isa
Distance: 977 kms
Duration: 20 hrs
» find out more

The Inlander operates between the popular tourist destination of Townsville and the mining centre of Mount Isa, where so much of Queenslands mineral wealth is found.

Mount Isa offers terrific camping and four wheel driving in the rugged terrain surrounding the town, while the Outback at Isa complex is a must-see.

/PublishingImages/Maps/queensland-rail-travel_map-the-inlander_231x319.gif X
8 Kuranda Scenic Railway Regional Service
Kuranda Scenic Railway
Route: Cairns to
Distance: 34 kms
Duration: 1 hr, 45 mins
» find out more

Experience one of the most unique rail journeys in Australia, discovering the living colour and natural beauty of a World Heritage-Listed rainforest that's millions of years old.

Riding the Kuranda Scenic Railway, you’ll meander through a lush green world, a tropical paradise framed by rugged mountains and waterfalls tumbling forever into deep ravines. Authentic timber carriages transport you between Cairns and the pretty village of Kuranda, via hand-hewn tunnels and across towering bridges, through the awe-inspiring Barron Gorge.

/PublishingImages/Maps/queensland-rail-travel_map-kuranda-scenic-railway_231x319.gif X
9 Gulflander Regional Service
Route: Normanton to
Distance: 152 kms
Duration: 5 hrs
» find out more

Climb aboard the legendary Gulflander for a rail journey unlike any other. Originally built to connect the once bustling river port of Normanton with the rich gold fields of Croydon, today the Gulflander is a tourism icon and working tribute to the early pioneers of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

/PublishingImages/Maps/queensland-rail-travel_map-gulflander_231x319.gif X
10 Savannahlander Regional Service
Route: Cairns to
Distance: 229 kms
Duration: 35 hrs (overnight stop)
» find out more

The Savannahlander, affectionately known as the Silver Bullet, is a classic 1960's rail motor. Departing Cairns, this journey passes amazing scenery, stopping along the way with fascinating local tales and facts, on your way to Forsayth, the middle of Gulf country.

/PublishingImages/Maps/queensland-rail-travel_map-savannahlander_231x319.gif X

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There are experiences you can only enjoy on a train

It’s the little things about train travel that stay with you. The way people unwind, relaxing in each other’s company and marvelling at the stunning scenery. An interlude when commitments are left behind and the excitement of what lies around the bend keeps you focused on the moving lens of your panoramic window.

Beautiful Queensland, with its spectacular landscapes and wonderfully diverse destinations, rides high on the worldwide wish list of places to visit. Discovering it by train is the most enjoyable way of experiencing all the holiday you can take, absorbing and appreciating every nuance along the way.

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